About Me

Solomon Kamson, MD PhD

Sol Kamson, MD, PhD

Hello, my name is Solomon Kamson.

I am an interventional pain management physician specializing in minimally invasive spine surgery.

As CEO of Spine Institute Northwest in Bothell, Wash., my goal is to provide the best medical service and care. We place a strong emphasis on early intervention starting with an accurate diagnosis and initiation of proper treatment. Our focus is always on prevention of chronic disability that is often associated with untreated or poorly managed pain.

My specialties include: minimal invasive surgical and non-surgical treatment of the spine; diagnostic spine procedures; laser enhanced surgical treatments; non-fusion spine technologies; functional restoration and spine stabilization exercise program; non-invasive spine decompression program (VAX-D and SpineMED ® therapy); occupational health medicine; and neurodiagnostic studies and evaluations.

While I am just beginning this personal blogging journey, you are welcome to visit my business website at www.spineinstitutenorthwest.com.