Patient Success Stories

Hear about Dr. Kamson’s patients’ personal stories after undergoing minimally invasive spinal procedures at Spine Institute Northwest.

Eric Minier, another patient of Dr. Sol Kamson, was suffering from a pinched nerve before having a microdiscectomy to treat the pain he was feeling. Two weeks after his procedure at Spine Institute NW, Eric had this to say:

“The pain is gone. I mean literally, 100% gone…This is the most wonderful sensation I can tell you about. It is zero pain.”

Eric Minier after surgery by Doctor Sol Kamson

Jesus Omar Belloso, who also suffered from a pinched nerve, could not do much before surgery at Spine Institute Northwest. After surgery, Jesus is all smiles and has resumed normal activities – and most importantly is there for his family and was able to go back to work.

“My family is feeling happy because I’m not suffering like I was suffering before the operation.”

Andrea Snyder- Nelson was in “survival mode” all the time and in constant pain before her operation. Andrea says:

“You’ve been in survival mode for so long you don’t even realize you’ve started breathing again.”

“Dr. Kamson is a genuine man, he’s authentic,and that’s a rare quality these days.”

– Eric Smith, on his impression of Dr. Solomon Kamson

“I’ve heard nothing but positive about Dr. Kamson, and you know, Spine Institute Northwest.”

– Alfred Gatti, SINW patient, commenting on Dr. Solomon Kamson and Spine Institute Northwest

Amy Klingele, was so impressed with her experience at Spine Institute Northwest and with Dr. Kamson, she had this to say:

 “I have bragged about Dr. Kamson and the Spine Institute and their staff to everyone that I know. They are probably getting sick of it but I don’t care. I want to shout it from the mountain tops that this place is amazing, Dr. Kamson is amazing. He has changed my life.”

Jason Skidmore, another patient at SINW, has similar things to say about the practice and Dr. Kamson:

“I like the website. It was actually pretty informative. I like being able to email or talk to the staff. That was helpful. I like the surgeon, Dr. Kamson.”

 Pasha Koulechov, likewise has kind words for Dr. Kamson after being his patient at Spine Institute Northwest:

“Everybody here is awesome. Dr. Kamson definitely made a good impression on me. You wouldn’t expect to get this… He reassures you and explains everything in detail, and he’s just a very awesome guy. Aside from obviously being a good doctor, because I feel so much better…”

 “I felt very comfortable with Dr. Kamson and the staff here. I’m very pleased with the respect I’ve been treated … I’ve been treated with respect and the utmost care.”

– Chris Catron, detailing his experience with Dr. Kamson and SINW

 “I have a lot less pain, almost pain free, so that’s a good thing.”

– Mark Tidball, relating how SINW treated his pain

“Mode of motion hasn’t changed – it’s increased substantially from where I am right now. So, yeah. I am satisfied with it? Extremely.”

 – Mitchell Piorkowski, on how freely he can move after his procedure at SINW

“Definitely have it looked at. This procedure is new… but it’s wonderful. I’d do it again, but I just don’t want to do it again right away! But I would if need be. It’s a great procedure. I’m just amazed.”

 – Tina Morris, commenting on her back surgery at Spine Institute Northwest

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