SINW 2015 Patient Testimonials

Read how Dr. Kamson at Spine Institute Northwest helped improve the quality of life of his patients through minimally invasive back surgery in their own words.

Chronic Back Pain: Stephanie Proulx

Stephanie was suffering from sciatica, which is a condition characterized by pressure on the sciatic nerve that runs down the legs and lower back that causes pain. Before her surgery, Stephanie’s back pain prevented her from going on walks and “living a normal life.” After treatment at SINW, she feels much better and says,”It’s usually my knees that hurt now first.”

Lumbar Surgery: John Wieler

Before John Wieler met Dr. Kamson for back pain surgery, he was suffering from chronic back and leg pain from a previous accident where he fell on his back. After lumbar decompression at SINW restored feeling to his numb foot, his pain went immediately from a 7 to only a 2. Watch John’s full testimonial on YouTube here.

Dr. Kamson patient testimonial

Chronic Pain Relief: Jaselyn Lee

Jaselyn’s back pain prevented her from engaging with her students. There were times her pain was so bad that she “could not even breathe” because of so much pain. A lumbar discectomy procedure performed by Dr. Kamson treated her back pain and today she is back to doing her normal day-to-day activities.

Lumbar Fusion: Irma Stennes

Irma was unsure she would get treatment by Dr. Kamson because of her age. At 89 years old, Irma used to enjoy gardening before back pain made working outside impossible. After her lumbar fusion she says:

“I worked out in the yard nearly all day. I couldn’t have done that, i couldn’t have worked 30 minutes before. It was just wonderful.”

lumbar fusion patient

Spinal Decompression Patient: Michael Reitz

Of his spinal fusion and decompression procedure, Michael says:

“It’s great. I feel a lot better…Today, I am going back (to work) 40 hours a week.

Of Dr. Solomon Kamson, Michael had this to say:

” I would recommend him to anybody who has back problems. Definitely get hold of Dr. Kamson. He will fix you.”

Spinal Fusion and Leg Pain Treatment: Lori Kuzior

After a car accident, Lori began to get back pain and experience numbness. Eschewing long therapy and more traditional treatment, which would mean at least 3 months of downtime, she decided to get treated by Dr. Kamson at Spine Institute Northwest.

Lori recounts her experience at SINW:

“My expectations were to get back to where I could at least hold down a job and stand up. So it has more than exceeded (my expectations). It has gotten me back to a place I don’t even remember! I was just astonished.”

Slipped Disc Treatment: Michael Shaffer

Michael’s slipped disc meant enduring pain levels of 9 or 10 where he could scarcely walk. Minimally invasive surgery performed by Dr. Kamson At Spine Institute NW got him walking again.

Michael advises other back pain sufferers:

“Don’t wait, just get it done and talk to Dr. Kamson.”

Nerve Pain: Glenn Steig

A work accident while working as a package delivery man at UPS incapacitated Glenn with extreme back pain. His sciatic nerve was causing back and leg pain and numbness before surgery at SINW.

Glenn says:

“I’ve got no pain in my legs. It’s a world of difference there… This worked great for me…and it is something that I would highly suggest that somebody looks into.”


Herniated Disc: Sissy Johnson

A damaged disc meant Sissy could not do any household work nor move at all. Sissy recalls her experience after her spine procedure at SINW:

“Coming from the pain that I was in to today, I’d say it is was a good miracle…I would recommend you folks to anyone.”

Chronic Back Pain: David Hurlbut

back surgery testimonial -Dr. Kamson

Pain from a herniated disc and his decision to seek treatment with minimal downtime convinced David to opt for a procedure at Spine Institute Northwest with Dr. Solomon Kamson instead. After speaking with the surgeon, he was immediately scheduled for a procedure the same week. On other patients with the same problem, David says:

“I call the folks back at home that have that sciatic pain. What are you waiting for? Get it done.”