Spine Institute Northwest’s YouTube Channel: How We Helped Patients

Dr. Solomon Kamson at Spine Institute Northwest invites you to listen to patient testimonials and discover more about minimally invasive surgical techniques that can help relieve your persistent back pain. It’s time to get back your life and stop living in pain. The relief you seek is close at hand, without months of lying prone during post-surgical recovery.

Tune in to SpineInstituteNW on YouTube to hear about our actual patients’ experiences and satisfaction after undergoing a number of different treatment options with Dr. Sol Kamson, a Spine Institute Northwest physician.

Real Patients Tell You Their Stories

Once you meet with Sol Kamson, you will understand that you have chosen the right path for finding a solution to your chronic pain without having to endure invasive open-back surgery. Before or even after meeting with Dr. Kamson, though, take a look at the many YouTube videos our patients have made to share their stories and the success they’ve found with the help of Solomon Kamson MD PhD.

One recent patient, Anita, is a 44-year-old dental assistant who has endured neck and arm pain for the last 15 years. After trying weekly massages, acupuncture, and meeting with a surgeon who recommended she undergo three fusion surgeries, Anita decided she did not want to go this aggressive type of treatment. Nor did she want to continue with treatments that weren’t helping her pain in the long run. Instead, she met with Sol Kamson, who recommended decompression with stem cell therapies to help her get her life back on track.

A 79-year-old patient can also be seen discussing his experiences on the YouTube channel. Jan could not sit in a chair for more than half an hour without feeling pain. On his worst days, he couldn’t walk, but had to lie in bed due to his back pain. He went to see Solomon Kamson MD, who viewed Jan’s MRI and recommended a lumbar decompression. Jan is now free of pain and once again living an active life. Jan was very impressed with the fact that Dr. Kamson explained everything in detail beforehand. Of course, he and his wife are also over the moon that the surgery Solomon Kamson performed was a complete success.

What distinguishes Solomon Kamson MD PhD at Spine Institute Northwest?

Dr. Kamson is revered by his patients for his superior surgical skills and his compassionate bedside manner. He will spend time with his patients to answer any and all questions or concerns, and will work with you to find the best route to solve your issues.

He is a skilled and experienced educator, which is important to his patients, as he does not simply tell you which procedure he will be performing to relieve your back pain. He will communicate with you on a level that is understandable without speaking down to you. Dr. Kamson is extremely thorough, not cutting corners of any kind when it comes to his patients’ health and safety.

Review more than 50 YouTube videos made by patients of Solomon Kamson MD so you can feel comfortable about your options for treatment back pain.

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