Spine Institute Northwest’s YouTube Channel: How We Helped Patients

Dr. Solomon Kamson at Spine Institute Northwest invites you to listen to patient testimonials and discover more about minimally invasive surgical techniques that can help relieve your persistent back pain. It’s time to get back your life and stop living in pain. The relief you seek is close at hand, without months of lying prone during post-surgical recovery.

Tune in to SpineInstituteNW on YouTube to hear about our actual patients’ experiences and satisfaction after undergoing a number of different treatment options with Dr. Sol Kamson, a Spine Institute Northwest physician.

Real Patients Tell You Their Stories

Once you meet with Sol Kamson, you will understand that you have chosen the right path for finding a solution to your chronic pain without having to endure invasive open-back surgery. Before or even after meeting with Dr. Kamson, though, take a look at the many YouTube videos our patients have made to share their stories and the success they’ve found with the help of Solomon Kamson MD PhD.

One recent patient, Anita, is a 44-year-old dental assistant who has endured neck and arm pain for the last 15 years. After trying weekly massages, acupuncture, and meeting with a surgeon who recommended she undergo three fusion surgeries, Anita decided she did not want to go this aggressive type of treatment. Nor did she want to continue with treatments that weren’t helping her pain in the long run. Instead, she met with Sol Kamson, who recommended decompression with stem cell therapies to help her get her life back on track.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Back Surgery

Laser back surgery was first introduced as an alternative to traditional back surgery in the 1980s. Since then, it has come into wider and wider use, as people seeking relief from back pain look for ways to obtain relief without having to undergo an extensive procedure. If you are considering having laser back surgery, go to experts like the doctors at the Spine Institute Northwest. Founded by Dr. Solomon Kamson, the Spine Institute Northwest specializes in minimally invasive spine surgery. The doctors there have experience with laser spine surgery and can help you understand the risks and benefits of the procedures.

The Process of Laser Back Surgery
Laser back surgery is performed using a focused beam of light, which is also known as a laser. This differs from traditional back surgery because the incision is small, and there are no cutting tools used to remove bones or cartilage. Lasers can be used to remove the ends of painful nerves and decrease the size of discs in a process known as ablation. A laminectomy, a procedure where part of a disc is removed to relieve pressure on the spine, is a common type of laser back surgery.

Advantages of Laser Back Surgery
Outpatient clinics that offer laser spine surgery provide hope for people suffering from debilitating back pain. The procedure involves smaller incisions, so the recovery time is not as long. Rather than having to endure a multi-day hospital stay, these minimally invasive procedures are generally performed on an outpatient basis. The surgeon does not have to disrupt as much muscle as in traditional open back surgery, so there is usually less pain after surgery.

Disadvantages of Laser Back Surgery
Because laser back surgery is still so new, limited research is available on its efficacy. You can, however, do research online to find out about different doctors and clinics, as well as find testimonials from patients who talk about their experiences with laser back surgery. Another disadvantage of laser back surgery is that it is rarely covered by insurers, meaning that patients have to pay out of pocket. However, because of the shorter recovery time, this cost must also be weighed against the potential costs of lost activity, whether it is working at your job or simply enjoying everyday life.

In the end, it is up to you as the patient to do your homework and find an experienced back specialist who can help you explore your pain management options, both surgical and nonsurgical. Dr. Kamson and the Spine Institute Northwest focus on early intervention and accurate diagnosis, trying to help people avoid missing out on life due to disability from chronic pain.